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Who we are is fundamentally and
intrinsically built into everything we develop.

We specialize in a wide range of services and service a myriad of industries!
Aeostra Innovations was founded with the intention of building a new effective paradigm in the mechanical and coolant technology sectors. We bring to the table various specializations that are strategically built on a model designed to enhance our clients' experience. We bring to the table extensive experience that allows for a comprehensive suite of services.

We perform cooling device installations, planning, and project management. Whether it be selecting the appropriate machinery for a job site or appraising a facility or offering cost-efficient solutions for your projects, we have you covered. We are a solution-oriented enterprise that makes it its mission to promote a streamlined workflow for just about any scope you have in mind while maintaining the highest standards of quality and service.

Our identity is interwoven into every facet of our business. We devote our passions for engineering and technology consistently and focus of efficiency as a goal and not just a skill. The result is a high-end deliverable in quality and business management. We believe highly in ethical and transparent partnerships to help you build, restore, or maintain the foundations of your company. At AEOSTRA we believe in laying the groundwork that your business may flourish.
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Meet The Team
Boban Basic

Founder and CEO
Bojan Basic

Installations Director
Patryk Nowak


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