Boban Basic Aeostra Group

Boban Basic

Founder and Managing Director

For more than 12 years, I have been working on personal development and with the help of self-reflection and my curiosity and my open mind, I have been able to reshape my entire life and achieve great success. However, I believe that the character is a rough stone at the beginning and only through working on oneself does the proper form emerge piece by piece. So we must keep working on our personalities and self-development.

About Aeostra

The founder of Aeostra, Boban Basic, originally comes from a mechanical engineering background. However, due to his attitude of always thinking and acting in a solution-oriented way, he was often given leading positions in the companies of his employers or was often entrusted with project management for optimising work and business processes.

After discovering his passion for optimising work and business processes in several career stages, he took this as an opportunity. As a result, he ventured into self-employment by founding his own company to be able to help even more companies with his skills.

Based on the philosophy of Industry 4.0, the newly founded company with a workforce of four already generated a turnover of almost half a million euros in its first year. In the following years, turnover nearly doubled from year to year.

In the second year after the company was founded, Aeostra GmbH entered into a strategic partnership with one of Austria’s largest property developers, “Rox Development GmbH” and “Mason Beteiligungs GmbH” in 2022 to further expand its market position.

Finally, other companies were founded, such as Aeostra Enterprises Beteiligungs-GmbH, Aeostra Services GmbH (formerly Aeostra GmbH) and Aeostra Electrics GmbH (formerly AJB Elektro), and more companies will surely follow soon.