Consulting & Project Management
for your Company

As a consulting company, we offer various services for various industries. From classic project management, including project planning, development and execution, to service and maintenance services, we are always your competent partner. Our range of consulting services for your company also includes topics such as quality management, change and lean management, and consulting in digital transformation. As a general contractor, we take the burden off our client’s shoulders and ensure tangible improvements.

With our expertise in automation, robotics and the optimisation of business and production processes, we also support your company in positioning itself successfully for the digital age.

We pursue a holistic approach that considers both technical developments and, above all, focuses on people and the environment during planning and implementation throughout the entire transformation process. Our consulting aims to create efficient solutions, minimize unnecessary costs, improve productivity in the company and thereby sustainably increase sales and profit.

Everything from a Single Source
Project Management done for you

As project managers, we take care of the entire execution of your projects, including the commissioning of all external service providers and all trades and bear the general responsibility for the quality of the execution.

No matter where your challenges currently are, we are sure that we will find the optimal solution together with you. Feel free to contact us and let us know your wishes. We will then get in touch with the responsible people in your company and work with them to develop implementable concepts.

The advantages for your company are apparent. As a service provider, we take care of the complete project management, including the commissioning and supervision of all trades involved. You don’t have to worry about complaints or the quality of the artistry, and you also save your company’s human resources. This reduces your company’s costs and increases the planned project rate.

Our offer for you

Below you will find a brief overview of our services, which can benefit your company in the long term.

Project planning

Every project is different and different factors have to be taken into account. Therefore, during project planning, we address the individual characteristics and create a solid concept for project implementation.


We develop individual solutions for individual challenges. Whether as a machine for specific work processes or a process for a subsection of production.


As a general contractor, we take care of the entire execution of the respective projects. So, from planning and conception to commissioning individual trades and service providers, you get everything from a single source and don't have to worry about anything else.

Service and maintenance

We also organise the service and maintenance of your equipment, machines and buildings. Often this issue doesn't get much attention until there is a failure, but usually it’s too late by then. The result is high costs due to expensive maintenance work and production downtime. We help you to reduce these costs to a minimum.

Infrastructure assessment and product development

Let's take the first step towards Industry 4.0 together. With a detailed analysis of the current state, we identify hidden potential and create a solution assessment and product development tailored to your company.

Industry 4.0 services

We design and implement Industry 4.0 solutions to digitise, transform, migrate and automate operational processes.

Big data analysis

With the help of Big Data and insightful analytics, you can make better decisions. Make decisions based on predictive analytics and statistical algorithms, not guesswork.

Assessment of forecastable maintenance costs

With our predictive maintenance cost assessment, manufacturers and factories can make informed business decisions based on clear insights into the assets and machinery in operation.

Software solutions for smart factories

Our experienced development team creates software that enables flexibility in manufacturing processes and automates production and analysis and the creation of valuable reports in your factory in the best possible way.

Remote monitoring of your systems

We develop individual remote monitoring and management systems that enable intelligent, location-independent system monitoring in real-time. This gives you easy access to your systems and a convenient way to troubleshoot remotely.

Extensive system integration

We connect machines and devices, as well as sensors and systems within your factory or production line, with suppliers, customers, and internal databases. In addition, we bring together all production levels in the manufacturing department and ensure the thoughtful exchange of all relevant data with your ERP and CRM systems.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Let us increase the number of smart devices in your company. We help you turn your existing equipment and machines into IoT devices so they can connect to the internet to improve communication between individual machines and systems and increase productivity.

Please get in touch with us for further information.

This is only a tiny overview of the services we can offer for your company. You are welcome to contact us via one of the numerous contact options on our website and discuss your needs. We will then prepare an offer tailored to your individual needs.